AngelSounds Mini with the app

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We are pleased to have two AngelSounds CLASIC and MINI models with a special mobile application.

From now on, you will be able to monitor your baby’s development through the mobile app.

You can choose between two AngelSounds models, namely AngelSounds MINI and AngelSounds CLASIC.

AngelSounds brings us the wonderful voices of a developing baby in the womb. You can hear the baby’s activities as soon as the baby starts moving.

In the third month, there is a hiccup, kicking and also the faint sounds of a baby’s heartbeat. These and other precious voices will bring you closer to your baby. AngelSounds is completely safe and gives family and friends the joy of hearing the voices of a new life in a welcoming and homely environment. Always record your baby’s first sounds with your tape recorder and the included cable.

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